the digital infrastructure

of the space industry



The first cloud platform for space missions.

Easily build integrated space software, from simple applications to entire ground segments.


The new way
to build SPACE software


Leanspace provides all the generic building blocks of ground software, enabling you to easily develop the advanced systems you need to run your business.


No need to rebuild everything from scratch. No more one-size-fits-all.


With our cloud products, you can build your tailored software tools, fully integrated, centralized, and accessible from anywhere, anytime.


One platform, many use cases

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Flying a demo mission? A satellite constellation? Building new launch services? Or a Satellite-as-a-Service offering?

Leanspace makes it easy for you to build the infrastructure to run your mission.


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From satellite control, flight dynamics, to test bench software, data management and automation layers, Leanspace has the core functions needed to let you build what you need.


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If you build in-house, do it faster and cheaper. 

Software integrator? Bring more value to your customers. 

You develop products? Leanspace drastically shorten time-to-market.


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Develop anything, from small standalone applications to complete integrated infrastructures. You can also modernize existing systems, adding features or migrating to the cloud.


Finally you can accelerate while staying in control



Go agile


Prototype, test and develop full applications at unprecedented speeds, realizing time-to-value a lot faster


Reduce costs


Only pay for the individual products you need and their consumption, just like you do for utilities like water and electricity


Future proof


Full flexibility to integrate any tools, develop your own applications and scale up as you grow


Modernize your systems


Enhance your existing tools with easy integrations. Access and manage your data from anywhere, anytime


Boost efficiency


Our products work seamlessly together, giving you the ability to automate and track everything you do




Enterprise-grade security, with continuous availability and advanced user management features

Customers love & trust leanspace


Planet Labs


“I think you’re building something amazing and something that the industry clearly lacks and needs!”


Işıl Demir – Director, Mission Systems

Space Forge


“We are using Leanspace to support our test campaigns and we really like what we see.”


Andrew Bacon – Co-Founder & CTO



“Leanspace’s powerful technology allows us to quickly and independently set up the tools we need to enable our business.”


Max Gulde, Co-Founder & CEO



“We are glad to work on the future of Ground Segments with Leanspace.”


Daniel Novak, Future Space Programmes, Product Manager

Venture Orbital Systems


“We have chosen Leanspace because it gives us the flexibility and agility that our business model requires” 


Stanislas Maximin, CEO

CisLunar Industries


“Leanspace is a must-have to enable the future space economy.”



Gary Calnan, CEO

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