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One-off standalone applications



How many times did you feel that you could use a dedicated, specialized tool to focus on a specific problem? An app to work with the thermal aspects of the satellite, from design to operations. An app to give this new customer visibility on their payload. Or an app to manage growing data archives. The problem is that it must be built from scratch, and you know that it will take longer and contribute to turning your infrastructure into an unmanageable software mess – so you just don’t build it.


With the Leanspace platform, all data is accessible and all core functions are there for you, as-a-service. So you can create whatever new unique experiences and applications that suit your need, now or in the future, without having to spend months or developing interfaces and middlewares. It’s all integrated and easy. Leanspace empowers you to innovate and to adjust your software infrastructure the way you want, in a controlled, safe way.

Adjust and scale your systems as you go


Who knows what the future will look like? With Leanspace you can build what you want when needed

Create applications in days, not months


Combining Leanspace’s web services, Starter Kits and SDKs, bootstrap your application development.

Bring your own tools


All leanspace services are built API first. This allows you to build applications in the tools you are comfortable with

Build at once an entire integrated infrastructure

Build the integrated infrastructure that you always wanted to


Building an entire ground segment was usually done using disparate systems and integrating them together. This resulted in infrastructure that was fragmented and hard to manage and scale. 

The Leanspace platform offers services that span across the entire missions lifecycle, allowing you to architect a coherent infrastructure for your mission. 



All leanspace services are natively integrated, changes propagate automatically and all services follow the same API structure.

Centralized User Management


Manage users and rights across the entire mission in a single place. No more multiple logins for different systems

Design Support


We offer blueprints, best practices and consultancy services to help you shape a modern and collaborative ground segment

Cloud Native


Start off with an infrastructure that is born in the cloud, and designed to scale with you.

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