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Today, space organizations need to build and manage increasingly complex ground software infrastructures: to design, integrate and operate their assets. To do so, they can rely on COTS, but lose control over their tools, or develop everything from scratch, which is slow and consumes lots of resources.


Leanspace brings a new way to build software. We provide all the generic building blocks of space software, enabling you to build all your systems in-house but only developing the functionalities tailored to your needs. And this drastically reduces time & costs, keeps you in control and boosts your competitiveness.


Leanspace-powered systems are integrated, collaborative and digital. Don’t reinvent the wheel, transform your business!



Define and organize your space and ground systems: any asset managed via a Single Source of Truth.


(H2 2022)

Model your mission objectives and requirements and verify them over time across all services.


Define roles & permissions for users and teams to access the Leanspace services at a granular resolution.


(H2 2022)

Deploy analytics platforms next to your data, to analyze trends and generate other insights across your end-to-end operations.


A no-code environment to create and test telemetry processing streams with your custom protocols.


(coming soon)

A single place for time-series data, to explore any assets’ metrics, calibrate engineering values and use in your Leanspace infrastructure.


Create powerful visualisations natively linked with your mission data, to use anywhere.


Create powerful alarm objects to monitor your entire infrastructure, triggering incidents and notifications.


Configure, control and operate the complete command chain of your space and ground systems.


(H2 2022)

Track, intervene and manage any incidents detected in your space and ground systems.


Model what your assets can do and build a schedule of activities that automatically triggers telecommands execution.


(coming soon)

Organise the scheduled activities into testable operational plans that lets you compare the feasibility and outcomes of alternative scenarios.


(H2 2022)

Collect and manage end-user requests to shape your operational activities such as manoeuvers, payload, etc.


(coming soon)

Capture events critical to your operations, from eclipses to software updates, and use them across your entire infrastructure to automate.


(H2 2022)

Capture engineering and business processes into digital procedures, follow them, and automate tailored workflows.


(coming soon)

Centralize and work with your operational logs, from all the Leanspace services and your own applications.


Define and run analyzes to generate operational objects such as contact windows, maneuvers or in-orbit events


(coming soon)

Organise test scenarios and coordinate test benches to streamline hardware validation


Set up periodic reports, managing access rights and control on your sensitive data.


(coming soon)

Create data pipelines to organise processing steps and to route data from third party sources to the Leanspace services.


Deploy routes and custom processing functions in a remotely managed container to link on-premises, cloud and geographically remote systems.


(coming soon)

Connect to ground stations, devices and other 3rd party systems using prebuilt connectors. Adapt connections quickly by simply changing connectors.


(H2 2022)

Set up policies to store and retrieve any Leanspace data, between the cloud and on-prem, for cost-efficient short- and long-term archiving.


(H2 2022)

Store, link and search documents easily. Manage all your documents in a single secured and accessible repository.


(H2 2022)

Downlink, store and process payload data at scale. Bring your own data processing algorithms.

There are many more products coming soon!

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Build better software, faster


Software teams spend valuable time developing low-level space tools, such as telemetry decoders, data monitoring tools and command queues. Although these are the same for every space mission, they are always re-developed from scratch, and typically not built to scale.


Leanspace provides all these generic tools as cloud products, allowing you to focus your resources only on developing the specific high value features you need, and therefore drastically reducing the time and cost to set up your software systems.

Provide seamless collaboration for your teams


Having disconnected software systems locks your data in silos, prevents your teams from sharing information and forces entering data more than once, risking information loss.


leanspace acts as the Single Source of Truth of your software infrastructure. Our cloud products are natively compatible and linked together, which allows you to unify all data, build collaborative workflows and digitalize engineering processes – across teams, systems and disciplines.

Start integrated and continue integrated as you scale


Different mission phases require different software tools: from system design, to test benches, to running operations. If you have individual tools that work, but don’t talk to each other, you are probably moving data manually and missing a comprehensive overview of what’s going on. Building interfaces across these isolated tools requires long and complex developments.


leanspace allows you to develop fully integrated systems, and to easily interface with your existing and future tools: No more work to get different technology cooperating. This drastically reduces data management complexity, allows you to automate business processes and helps you scale up.

One platform, many use cases


leanspace enables you to build a wide variety of ground systems: from monitoring and control to mission planning,

from integration and testing to ground network management.


Anything you need, the way you need it, from simple standalone applications to complete integrated ground segments.


What do you want to build with leanspace?



Finally you can accelerate while staying in control


Go agile


Prototype, test and develop full applications at unprecedented speeds, realizing time-to-value a lot faster

Reduce costs


Only pay for the individual products you need and their consumption, just like you do for utilities like water and electricity

Future proof


Full flexibility to integrate any tools, develop your own applications and scale up as you grow

Modernize your systems


Enhance your existing tools with easy integrations. Access and manage your data from anywhere, anytime

Boost efficiency


Our products work seamlessly together, giving you the ability to automate and track everything you do



Enterprise-grade security, with continuous availability and advanced user management features

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